Since 1993 Surplan developed from a one-man business into an established and well-known enterprise in the Eastern Cape, doing surveys over the whole of the Eastern Cape, the eastern areas of the Western Cape and the Southern Free State. At the moment Surplan consists of the following staff compliment:

Our staff qualifications and survey experience:

  • 1 x National Higher Diploma Civil Engineer – 21 year’s survey experience of which also 6 years designing experience.
  • 1 x Technical Degree in Civil Engineering – 9 years survey experience
  • 5 x National Diploma in  Surveying – Survey experiences varies from 3-21 years.
  • 4 x Plato registered surveyors, 2 Surveyors busy with registration progress
  • 4 x Survey Artisans – Survey experiences varies from 2-4 years.
  • 18 x Survey Assistants / General Workers
  • 3 x CAD operators – Draughting  experiences varies from 3-5 years
  • 3 x Administration personnel

In order to give our clients only the best quality of work, we make use of the latest technology in survey equipment and software.At the moment we have several Total Stations and 6 Real Time GPS systems as listed below. We use Model Maker Systems (Civil Engineering) software and our computer software is compatible with almost all well-known design packages.

Currently we have the following equipment:

  • Real Time GPS Systems (Trimble)
  • Robotic Total Station (Trimble)
  • 3D Laser Scanner (Trimble FARO)
  • Second accuracy Total Stations (Sokkia & Nikon)
  • Optical Automatic levels (Sokkia & Nikon)
  • Electronic Level (Trimble)

We do all type of surveys and survey related work but have extensive experience in the following:

Topographical surveys, contouring  & annotation on CAD thereof .

  • Pipeline surveys and setting out for construction purposes
  • Roads: 
    • Cross-section surveys.
    • All road setting out for construction purposes.
    • Layer work setting-out & calculations.
    • Bulk earthwork calculations.
  • Setting out of large buildings & construction projects.
  • Dam sediment and volume surveys & volume calculations thereof.
  • Fixing ground control for aerial photography.
  • Irrigation surveys
  • Powerlines:
    • Route selection, profiling, line optimising (design) and setting out.
    • Survey and setting-out of Electrical Sub-Stations.
  • Precise levelling.
  • Hydrographical surveys and beach profiling.
  • Quarry surveys, setting out of benching  and volume calculations.
  • All related survey work setting out for township design.

A list of some of the organizations we deal with :

Civil engineering consultants & contractors in the Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape area.

  • Eskom Transmission & Eskom Distribution
  • Provincial Roads Dept.
  • Coega Development Corporation

We will gladly supply you with references should you require any. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any additional information.

I will gladly give quotations for any project or an hourly rate can be agreed on if required.

Please note that we do not do any Cadastral Survey work, although we can acquire professional Land Surveyors if parts of certain projects require such professionals.

I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future and assure you of my best attention and  prompt service at all times.


Bertus Smuts

Our Happy Clients